Sunday, July 26, 2009

the 31 Quilts project... already in a show!

I think it's only right that my first blog post should be about my mother. (Those other posts (at 31cats), of course, were written by my cats; they don't count.)

My mother, fabric artist fabuloso, has started a project called "31 Quilts". She is transforming the portraits I shot for the "31 Voices" project into quilts. I knew they'd be beautiful, and the first one, of Ronnie Deever, one of our original "31 Voices" women, is done. Yes, Ronnie, and the quilt, are beautiful. Take a look:
For comparison, here's the original portrait:

And here's one detail from the quilt:

Of course, to see it close up you need to come to one of my "October Tour" stops this fall! I'll be bringing this quilt and perhaps one or even two more, and guarding them with my life!

Meanwhile, if you are around Asheville, North Carolina, you can see this quilt in the big 27th annual Asheville Quilt Show, August 7-9. It has been entered in the "Art Quilt" division. Good luck, Mom!