Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome to Creston!

It's the second stop of the nine-city tour across Iowa. What a blast!

I did a radio interview this morning for Keokuk (the next stop). Phone reception inside the building here is poor, so I went out and sat in the RV (aka the "DV RV").

The Creston paper did a story last night that is in today's paper.Click here to read it! I knew the reporter was good when he called me at 1030 pm to check the spelling of my mother's name! (Love those 7 am deadlines...brr...)

Also be sure to look at my Travel Diary. I'm going hog wild with my little video camera.

Yesterday I found out I get to take part of the exhibit into the women's prison in Mitchellville later this month. I think I'll be taking 10 of the stories, plus the quilt, and we'll have two hours.

Take care, all.

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