Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mom and "31 Quilts" are in the Library of Congress!

Even while I hibernated, my mother worked, and created. And got the "31 Quilts" project into the Library of Congress!

Mom (aka Maureen Kampen) was interviewed by The Alliance For American Quilts. Their motto: .."documenting, preserving, and sharing". You can read the interview here and also read more about the interview project.
The interview begins, "Maureen, tell me about the quilt you brought today."
And it's Mom's quilt of Tobbie Walters. With photos! It's a photo of a quilt of a photo.
This beautiful quilt, by the way, hasn't yet been displayed as part of the 31 project. When I was on tour in October, I had Ronnie Deever's quilt, but the Tobbie quilt wasn't done yet. I haven't even seen it yet! Last I saw, it was still on Mom's design wall in her studio.
The recording of the interview is also archived. It would be tremendous to listen to it.
Mom, you're the best.

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